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PostSubject: menopause   Wed Jul 23 2014, 22:03

Is anyone out there going through menopause? if so how are you doing? any struggles? how is the weightloss? Since menopause started I have gained more weight but have not lost. so I am thinking of trying HCG again.
Thanks, marianne


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PostSubject: Re: menopause   Wed Jul 23 2014, 22:22

I know how you feel. I have struggled with it for 8 years and now I have gained 75 pounds. I also found out this has caused me to be insulin resistant (broken metabolism). Now that I am on hcg, my losses are even slower. I have even done natural HRT. It's rough.

But, hcg will help reset your metabolism again. Especially if you are taking natural HRT's.

Wendy ~ Round ??

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