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 New to this: P2 R1 "I think"

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PostSubject: New to this: P2 R1 "I think"    Fri Apr 27 2012, 07:08

So, I started the HCG drops 6 days ago. My "loading" started 4/21/2012. I started on Saturday so I would be able to start my 500 cals on a Monday....just easier that way. Anyway, I started off at 166 lbs. Today my weight is 160 lbs. It seems to be working just fine. The only issue I am having is still feeling hungry ALL the time. I continue to drink coffee, tea, and water through out the day. I am wondering if anyone can give me a sample meal that will work in P2 of the diet. All this week I have been eating the same meal twice a day because I am scared to eat anything else. Any food ideas will be appreciated. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: New to this: P2 R1 "I think"    Fri Apr 27 2012, 10:43

Why don't you start a journal and we can help you out. What meals have you been eating - are you doing drops or injections and how much of each? There are so many variables to it all and is hard to offer advice on no information.

Do you weigh/measure your protein intake? Maybe add some hard boiled egg whites (only 17 cals) to help with filling you up or you may not be having enough veggies as the amount of veggies you can have is quite high and I don't think most people actually eat them all in a sitting.
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New to this: P2 R1 "I think"
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