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 SLOW Release hCG

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PostSubject: SLOW Release hCG   Wed Sep 07 2011, 12:27

I got ripped off yesterday when I attended a Living Social coupon deal for a weight loss clinic I signed up for it because I was tricked into thinking I would be receiving B12 & Hcg to last me a whole month.... ended up just being a slow release B12 shot then when I inquired about the hCG they told me it was an extra 75 bucks per week -__- and I asked them HOW it was administered and that is when I discovered SLOW RELEASE HCG I was surprised... according to them, if you didn't have time to visit the clinic daily for your hCG shot (they administer it) you had the option for a 1x week shot I decided to drill them on HOW it as slow release and the lady divulged info that I think was proprietary to their clinic... not sure.

I asked her HOW is it made slow release? The lady told me that they simply mix the hCG with the B12 vitamin and give you the shot in the rear (like slow release B12) I asked her for the dosages they give us 150 IU and asked her what the B12 concentration was and she said it was 500 mg for 1 week.

Anyone have any ideas about this? I started doing my own research because I kinda like the idea and convenience of only getting 1 shot per week or 1 shot per 3 days.

AnywayI read that IF you administer a special SLOW RELEASE B12 injection IM in your bootey fat then it slowly is absorbed into your body over the course of 3 days (in their case it was 1 wk) this is what I read on a website and I will give ppl the page where I read it at. So I was thinking IF I mix that particular slow release B12 with my HCG and give myself a shot that it would work but I haven't done enough research on this yet... anyone have the expertise available??
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SLOW Release hCG
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