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PostSubject: SPLENDA WARNING!!!   Wed Aug 31 2011, 11:54

Hi Ladies! I haven' been on here in quite some time due to time constraints, however, I think this is rather important, so I needed to share it with you. So far I have successfully used HCG to lose 80 pounds, but haven't lost any new weight for the last 2 rounds, so kinda discouraging thumbs down

In that time, my husband had to take me to the local ER for chest pains, turns out I was diagnosed with GERD, the drs were astonished that it had just come on so quickly and I had not had symtoms like this before, but that was the diagnosis, so with prescription in hand, I was sent home destined to a lifetime of taking acid reflux preventing pills. The first pill did little except keep the heartburn in my stomach to "perk" and boy was that nasty! So, prescription #2 was assigned and seemed to help the stomach problem/pain. After 2 days I started itching terribly, so the dr told me to stop the second pill.

I was also analyzing any diet changes I had made, both for the GERD and also for why I couldn't seem to lose anymore weight. Early one morning during an itching fit it occured to me that we had jumped on the MIO bandwagon when it came out - i LOVE that stuff, but it has splenda in it, so I did a little research

24 hours after pulling all splenda products my stomach is normal, I ate taco salad with no problems/acid, 48 hours later I am feeling better than I have felt in a very long time, although I am still itching, I am drinking lots of detox tea to try to clear out my system as quickly as possible and it is considerably less than yesterday.

Just thought I would share this with you - if you are having any sudden unexplainable health issues, look VERY carefully at what you are eating/drinking!!

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