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 Sugar free Jello, Popsicle, Miracle Noodles??? Can we eat?

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PostSubject: Sugar free Jello, Popsicle, Miracle Noodles??? Can we eat?   Sun Jun 19 2011, 20:43

I read this & has me wondering:

Having a binge eating feast or cheating on your hCG diet protocol is like restarting, but sometimes we just want something to satisfy a craving or something different. To avoid breaking your hCG diet plan and abate those cravings or to just break up the strictness of the diet, occasionally you can have the following:

Tips to avoid a cheat

Sugar Free jello
Diet soda (go easy)
Popsicle with 0 fat, sugar and calories

Psyllium is fiber as are Miracle Noodles which are perfect for the hCG diet. Why are Miracle Noodles a hCG diet free food? One of the many reasons is no calories!

~1st is this true?
~2nd what is concitered occasionally?
~3rd Is miricle noodles a free food? How often can u have it?
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PostSubject: Re: Sugar free Jello, Popsicle, Miracle Noodles??? Can we eat?   Mon Jun 20 2011, 11:09

Miracle noodles: my best advice here is try it and see how it affects your body. Does it make you gain or stall. I have tried it on P3 and IT WAS WONDERFUL !!!!! I cooked it with previously cooked chicken, cabbage and Walden Farms Sesame Ginger Dressing. It tasted like the best Chinese food dinner ever. Yes, I did gain but I don't know if that is because of the salt in the dressing or because I always stall/gain w/ cabbage. Will I try it on P2 - Yes, later after I get some more weight off. I have been eyeing this e-bay auction:


I also saw a receipt the other day is to dry out these noodles in the oven at low setting for a few hours (I think that is what it said) and munch on these goodies. Haven't tried - but I will someday after the next few weeks.

Diet Soda: That is a sore sticky subject for me. Ex: diet coke is made with aspartame. Aspartame tells your brain you are starving and to hold on to your fat. "Caveman Genetics" I will have diet coke if I go out to eat to treat myself. A lot better to do that than drinking a beer or margarita. laugh 4

Sugar Free Jello: Don't know what else is in the jello. So I don't know. But I think it has splenda/aspartame in it as well.

Popsicles: I make my own and have them every day.

Go to this journal to see what I do/did:

Also: I use Walden Farm dressing a lot. 0 calories/sugars/starch/etc.

Reality is - you have to find out what works for you. We are all different !

DEB (FL) ~ c2cjunkie
I'm back ... 2017
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PostSubject: Having a hard time   Sun Jul 10 2011, 12:24

I am really having a hard time today or this weekend. I have lost about 7 pounds in 9 days.. I thought I would lose quicker. I have about 80 pds that I would like to lose. It seems like I am never full...and I am still having hunger pains. I am going to the dr on Monday and I will ask her to increase my injection dose.

I need some encouragement!!! Some of you have lost over a 100 pds. How long did it take?

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PostSubject: Re: Sugar free Jello, Popsicle, Miracle Noodles??? Can we eat?   

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Sugar free Jello, Popsicle, Miracle Noodles??? Can we eat?
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