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 oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!

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PostSubject: oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!   Thu May 19 2011, 20:32

I know I haven't posted in AGES please forgive me :) I've just been hella busy, l doing another round of the protocol in a few days buuuuuuut I wanted to report some things I have found that have worked for me during Phase 2 but remember everything in moderation!

First off:

DREAMFIELDS PASTA! I eat 1/2 of the recommended serving size with my meals only 1 x day and I still report losses the next day. I usually cook a whole box of this, drain it immediately then weigh myself out some 75-80 grams of this stuff for meals whenever I want to eat it and refrigerate the rest

Miracle Noodles: work fine, no moderation needed but I find it to be rather tasteless sometimes but hey it curbs your cravings :p I have also found these similar noodles in Asian markets for 1/4 the cost they are called Yam Noodles, just read the nutritionals :)

Okay.... this is going to kill everyone here

the picture is huge so visit here if you want to see what I am talking about


El Ponchin Churritos (Corn Sticks) the nutritionals read 5 grams of carb per serving, the bag contains 2.5 servings AND one serving also contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, meaning that the net value of carb per serving is 1 carb per serving! or 2.5 for the whole bag! I serving has about 60 calories so you could cut back to 1/2 a serving and get your crunch on! These are mexican snacks :D I am mexican so I was driven crazy when I discovered I could eat these! I squeeze some lime juice over them and some hot sauce and they are frikin delish! and curb that crunch factor >..< sorry I know I am a terrible person for showing this to people if they find it hard enough to stick to the protocol!

I am just so gosh darn excited that I wanted to share my findings with everyone...

remember everyone's bodies react differently soo keep that in mind... but always consider nutritional values and compare them to foods that are safe for you...

I have also discovered a plum to have a lower GI value than an apple and have eaten them successfully on the protocol. Just more info :)
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PostSubject: Re: oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!   Sat May 28 2011, 09:43

I've seen the Dreamfields Pasta-- it says something like "only 5 grams carbs" or something like that right? You used it on P2 and did well?? I'd like to try it (I am on P4) but was a little hesitant.
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PostSubject: Re: oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!   Sat May 28 2011, 11:26

Wow!!! Thanks for the update! I've found a lot of different ways of eating off protocol but still losing in a manner that's 100% satisfactory for me winking The glycemic index is one way and it seems you've found that too with the plums! Exciting stuff!

We're allowed minimal carbs in P2 so it would make sense that the pasta would work. Will you have a journal when you begin your new round? I'll look for you and keep track of your guaranteed success!!!!

Edited to say...You are NOT a terrible person for sharing that. Everyone needs to understand that they are personally responsible for themselves. If they can't stick to protocol or want to stick to it, then so be it. I have yet to do an honest 100% protocol round and I'm ECSTATIC with my results and maintenance of them. I CAN'T stand the ALL OR NOTHING attitude of some people unless, of course, they understand that others need some leniency to stick with it. I find that, in the end, I lose pretty equivalently to those who stick right to protocol. I've enjoyed my life and my kids while still losing weight and learning what my body is sensitive to. So, thank you SO much for sharing because that might be JUST the trick to keep someone from eating an entire bag of chips when they get a craving way to go
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PostSubject: Re: oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!   

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oMG OMG!!! You guys! Food LOVE here!
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