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 Body after weight loss

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PostSubject: Body after weight loss   Thu May 12 2011, 15:53

Hi everyone. I already have my drops and will be starting by loading tomorrow. I am really excited about this and will be dedicated, but I am a little worried. You see I have always had fat arms and now since I had my baby 6 months ago, I seem to weigh the most I have ever weighed. I am afraid that my skin will be left flabby- particularly my arms since they have been flabby and fat quite a bit of my life. I would love to hear if anyone knows if your skin shrinks down or if we are left with the stretched out skin.
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Jen the Chef
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PostSubject: Re: Body after weight loss   Thu May 19 2011, 02:02

well i can't speak for everyone, but i lost it there! after my pregnancies my upper body got... well, fat. My arms and back were such am embarrassment to me. I am so happy to say that I actually lost 4 inches around my chest/area. No not my breast but I sent from 36 1/4 inches to 32+ inches! and my arms, though I have not measured yet, have noticeably got smaller, and not flabbier. Like the skin is definitely tightening up!
This HCG does something to the fat that is extraordinary. I have tried everything to lose weight, and this is the hardest, but the only one I have really stuck too, and by far the fest results! You'll see.

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Body after weight loss
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