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 Newbie question about dosage and rounds

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PostSubject: Newbie question about dosage and rounds   Wed May 04 2011, 15:35

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading this and answering!

My husband and I are going to start doing injections this weekend. We tried doing the homeopathic HCG about two months ago and were both starving while on it! We quit about a week into it. :( I'm not sure if it was the brand or what, but I've since read that injections are more effective and that homeopathic isn't really HCG. I've read up on the plan (read the manuscript online and bought the HCG Made Simple book, which has a ton of great information but is a little bit overwhelming).

A few questions:

1. What dose should we start on - 125, 150, 175?
2. Where do you inject (abdomen, thigh)? I think the kit we ordered comes with insulin needles if that makes a difference.
3. Can we spread some of the food out over the day or do we just eat it in two meals? I think the manuscript says you can eat the fruit separately, but I wanted to see if people have had different levels of success eating it all at once vs. spread out.
4. The kit we ordered comes with the B vitamin shot - has anyone tried that? Does it matter?
5. What do we do if we're hungry? Increase the dose? On the homeopathic HCG drops, we were starving all the time like I mentioned, and using more drops didn't work.
6. Are there specific sites that are more reputable for HCG? I wasn't sure. I saw some cheap places, but wasn't sure if they were selling real HCG.
7. If we do the 40-day protocol, that's two gorge days then 38 VLCD with HCG, then 3 VLCD without HCG, correct? I read that on the 40-day program, you skip the injection one day a week so as not to build immunity - is that right?

I apologize if this is repeat information; I tried to read through the forums, but it's an incredible amount of information to take in. Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Newbie question about dosage and rounds   Thu May 05 2011, 18:23

I sent you a private message - just wanted to tell you so you know that it is there.

DEB (FL) ~ c2cjunkie
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PostSubject: OM GOSH   Sun May 15 2011, 11:57

i wish you had made the reply public it would have been helpful to me as many others im sure i had alot of the same questions, only im on the drops
im finding this site hard to navigate and im not getting alot of feedback its very frusting, looking for support and friends am i doing something wrong here
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie question about dosage and rounds   

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Newbie question about dosage and rounds
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