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 Skipping TOM...normal

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PostSubject: Skipping TOM...normal   Skipping TOM...normal Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02 2011, 13:08

Hi all! I am new to the group. I am on day 28 of my 42 day 1st time. I am down 25 lbs so 53 total since November. Yay! I was due for my TOM last month about the 18th and it never came....I should also say I have PCOS, but have been very regular the last 5 years. No chance of being pregnancy tubes cut tied and burned :) Today feeling very crampy and nauseas ..but still no TOM..anyone else experience this? Is this normal?

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PostSubject: Re: Skipping TOM...normal   Skipping TOM...normal Icon_minitimeTue May 03 2011, 17:51

Every woman’s body is different. However, most women do find experience some changes on their menstrual cycle on HCG. It is concerning to see so many other HCG sites out there that say that the HCG diet will not affect your HCG cycle at all. That must simply be lack of experience. There can be changes of all types: starting earlier, starting later, having a cycle for the first time in a few years, having break through bleeding even when FAR into menopause. Be aware that it does commonly cause some kind of change to your menstrual cycle.

Personally, when I am on the protocol my menstrual cycles come really, really late and it is very light.

So just be patient and remember changes to your cycle that may have been caused by the use of HCG usually regulate quickly, especially once the HCG is out of your system.

I hope this puts some ease at mind!

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Skipping TOM...normal
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