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 Weight loss very very slow...help!

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PostSubject: Weight loss very very slow...help!   Mon Jan 31 2011, 15:24

I am new to this site and am desperate for some assistance.

I have been extremely diligent, following all the guidelines and not cheating. I am very determined to lose this weight. Still, on the first round of 26 days I only lost 14 lbs and on my 2nd round I only lost 10!!!

I am a 5'3" woman and now weigh 146 lbs. I have a high tolerance to all medications (everything is extra strength or it won't work) so I started out on a dosage of 150 and raised it to 175 for this last round hoping it would increase my weight loss.

I just started my P3 and fully intend on sticking it out with diet but could use some serious help.

Thanks in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: Weight loss very very slow...help!   Mon Jan 31 2011, 16:49

Welcome to the site!

Average weight loss is .5 pounds a day.
With your losses, it sounds like you are right there in the average.

Medications like anti-depressants will slow you
Food that is given you in a list from your doctor will slow you
Certain foods slow certain people - you may not think you are affected, but you can be. Some people can't eat cabbage, some can. Some can't eat beef, some can.

The LOWER you go, the slower it will come off.
The one thing this plan will teach you is patience.
You have to stabilize your hypothalmus on P3/P4 or the affects don't work in subsequent rounds. (this happened to me twice). The breaks are as/if not more important than the plan.

I say you should start a diary and write everything you ate for the two rounds.
Things you took (medicine/vitamins, etc.)
Was there oil in any of your shampoo/conditioner/make-up
Did you go by the "original" protocol from P&I and Dr. Simeone or follow a "modified" plan which can get you into food issues. Did you drink enough water? Did you exercise?
Were you at a specific weight for a long time? This can be a plateau.

I suggest reading P&I - here is the link if you don't have it already:

All of these things will give you problems.
Without a more detailed list, it is hard to know if you ate anything you shouldn't have...

Well, I hope this helps!
I know how frustrating it can be. I'm on 31 days and I have only lost 7 pounds of new weight (after the load weight) and I'm not happy about it. But it is coming off...


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PostSubject: Re: Weight loss very very slow...help!   Tue Nov 22 2011, 08:52

There are two main structures of reducing your overweight. I personally give my major priority to my diet because itís the main approach of control your weight gaining. Best way is to avoid oily and fat foods which easily helps to gain you weight. Also you have to have daily hard exercises because it the system of burn your extra fat and reduce your fat.
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PostSubject: Re: Weight loss very very slow...help!   

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Weight loss very very slow...help!
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