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 loose skin ?

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PostSubject: loose skin ?    Tue Jan 18 2011, 14:10

Has anyone ever had to deal with loose skin issues? I am not yet but am scared of it , lost 56 lbs last year on appetite suppresants and lost a lot of muscle I'm sure so it was different , but I'm just curious if it has been an issue of huge concern
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PostSubject: Re: loose skin ?    Wed Jan 19 2011, 20:29

I'm dealing with it now. Bat wings and can't find my knees. But I'm older too. Has never happened to me before as I'm usually tight even when fat.

I'm going to start using MSM and Vit. C Then I need to start toning.

However, I did hear it will tone up in P3/P4. How much, I'm not sure. I put on shorts yesterday (Tucson) and it was ugly. Where are my knees?
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loose skin ?
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