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 How long can I do the Sublingual drops???

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PostSubject: How long can I do the Sublingual drops???   Fri Dec 17 2010, 10:50

Hey All-

P&I leaves a few questions unanswered for me and I don't quite understand how to take the break between Rounds. Please clarify for me...

1)How long can I take the HCG sublingual drops WITHOUT a maintenance phase? (I've heard that many do it for up to 100 days)
2) I plan on doing 40 straight days plus the 2 VLCD with no HCG and then starting again, could I just take a few days off, while sticking to protocol and then begin again with 2 loading days and go right back into another round???
3) Is it better to do a maintenance phase then begin again. Will I see better results afterwards?
4) Finally, do most decide to move to P4 only after they've reached their desired weight and have maintained for the three weeks at a stabilized weight?

Thanks for any tips, direction, or reading material you can offer. I really want to make sure I get this right:) winking
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How long can I do the Sublingual drops???
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