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 No hCG in my drops?

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PostSubject: No hCG in my drops?   Sun Dec 12 2010, 20:22

Please explain. It says in the ingredients hCG.
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PostSubject: Those numbers you listed...   Sun May 29 2011, 12:12

Is the ratio used to. Reate the tinctures. There is the essence of HCG in the drops. It isn't pure HCG. Homeopathy creates tinctures so you end up ingesting trace amounts of the hormone for the gretest effectiveness.

The way is works is as follows: once you mix a substance with water, it will never be pure water ever again, no matter how much you diluted it or try to purify it. There will always be a trace amount. It is like dividing a number... No matter how small you go, you never reach zero.

I hope this helps make sense of it a little bit for you. Feel free to send a message if you have any other questions. I am a student of homeopathy :)

You are beautiful, first and foremost, because you are alive, and hanging in there.  

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No hCG in my drops?
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