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 Should I go onto P3, I muddied the waters....aargh

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PostSubject: Should I go onto P3, I muddied the waters....aargh   Fri Nov 26 2010, 06:00

hey folks
I have done a 21 day round, as in 21 days of (subling)HCG, P3 starts tomorrow for me . In last week I think i have barely lost 3lbs, I had to switch to hHCG for the last day as I was all out of the subL stuff. This morning, I am up about .5lb and my daughter is up 2lb, despite sticking rigidly to plan (mind you I suspect her of not eating her lunch at all)

I suspect that the HCG might be totally out of our systems and our bodies are not liking the VLCD any more, not sure what to do really.
We stopped the 'real' HCG on Monday, I only had one dose on Mon, Mollie had two,
I had hHCG that evening instead,
we then took hHCG on tuesday
I took a dose on wed morning,
with the intention of starting P3 on Sat, which would give a 72 hour count. But I think the hHCG count is different?

I wonder with both our weights increasing this morning, if the HCG is completely out of our system and if we should start P3 tonight?

If you have any ideas I would really appreciate them

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Should I go onto P3, I muddied the waters....aargh
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