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 Clarification on Injection Dosage

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PostSubject: Clarification on Injection Dosage   Wed Nov 24 2010, 17:31

Ok, so today I go into the clinic for my weigh in/check in. I decided to "ask" what my dosage is. Since I decided in midstream to go from the 23 day to the 40 day plan, I recently mixed the latter formula. There was 2500IU in the ampoule and I was to add 2.5 ml of the bacteriostatic water. From what I've read here, that would mean that my 12 units daily (in an insulin syringe) would amount to approximately 120 IU of hCG, correct?

When I asked the "counselor" about it, she stumbled a bit and said that it was EXACTLY what Dr. Simeon says in his protocol and then went on to say that it was 250IU and that it had to do with how it was mixed...that it was the "same thing", just measured differently.....yikes!!! (after I brought up what I had read here....) Hmmmm.... So, what is my dose, folks? Is it not approximately the 125IUs??

Thanks for your help.
kim winking
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Clarification on Injection Dosage
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