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 Nausea and Early TOM

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PostSubject: Nausea and Early TOM   Fri Oct 29 2010, 12:53

This is my first round, I'm on Day 14 of the hcg subq injections. I'm experiencing nausea and a severe aversion to food. I'm blaming my period because all I want to eat is grapefruit, everything else gives me nausea just thinking about eating it. Also, I'm not due for my period yet, and it seems as though I am very close to starting. I'm experiencing all the same symptoms of my usual pms: overly emotional, breast tenderness (extreme), fatigue, cravings (specifically almond cake and hot chocolate and grapefruit). The minute I think about eating my lunch or dinner, my body immediately says, "DONT DO IT!" and nausea strikes. I've been forcing myself to eat, and luckily it's all stayed down, but I've never experienced the neausea like this before my period. Is this just the hcg to blame for the nausea and early period?

I am 99.9% sure I'm not pregnant. My fiancee and I are very careful, twice as much so now that I'm using hcg. We know the consequences of carelessness. We're not ready for that yet. Any suggestions?
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Nausea and Early TOM
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