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 I am stopping my injections during TOM

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PostSubject: I am stopping my injections during TOM   Wed Sep 01 2010, 09:45

I was going back and forth on the pros and cons but decided this morning that I didn't want to waste any injections on any more non productive weight loss days. As it stands on Day 29 of my 40 day protocol, I have lost 25 pounds. Averaging 6 pounds a week. Although that sounds good, I notice that week #1 that was also the start of TOM for me resulted in a 6 pound loss where people normally lose far more more. Week #2, and 3 were good. It was my PMS week #4 that caused me to slow down to a loss of 4 pounds with the last 5 days only registering a 2lb. loss. I don't want to stall on TOM in week #5 in this the second to my last week, so I am not taking my shots for several days and will resume when some of this water weight drops.

I will update my journal so you can see how this impacted my week #5 results.
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PostSubject: Re: I am stopping my injections during TOM   Wed Sep 01 2010, 09:50

You know your body best. Some just plug on through the TOM and others stop and both do fine. Most of the gains or stalls on TOM is water retention, it should pass. You will still lose inches though, so keep that in mind.


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I am stopping my injections during TOM
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