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 Travel Terror

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PostSubject: Travel Terror   Tue Jul 27 2010, 20:41

I have this question about what you all do when you can't be at home to make your own food. I have to travel next week and be gone from home overnight. I'm not sure what I'll do for every meal, nor what I'll do to stay awake on the 5 hours drive...I usually munch on stuff.

I know that my friend that turned me on to HcG said that she ate at Subway successfully by ordering the roasted chicken breast on a salad of just lettuce and tomatoe and a little red onion with red wine vinegar. Sounds boring, but being fat is boring!

Does anyone have any other tips? I will be gone for 2 days and I'm terrified. Not only do I need to eat to live, but these trips that I make several times a year (to take my kids to the airport to go see their dad and then again to pick them up) are always filled with shopping and eating and eating and eating. We eat at places we can't get at home. We eat treats we wouldn't normally eat. We eat snacks in the car. wantcookies We eat lots and we love it.

Any ideas are welcome.
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PostSubject: Re: Travel Terror   Tue Jul 27 2010, 21:26

Eating a Mandarin Chicken Salad at Wendy's is good too - do not put on the noodles or almonds.
Also - apples keep good in the car as a snack. Slice them into little pieces and put them in a ziplock in a cooler. Celery is a good one for the car too - same thing. Slice small and munch.

Just my two cents


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PostSubject: Re: Travel Terror   Tue Jul 27 2010, 21:53

All restaurants serve salads. Depending on the restaurants in Canada, you can also ask for grilled chicken on the side for your protein. You can always eat a little extra protein and omit the fruit. Go easy on an oil/vinegar dressing or omit all together.

Doreen's idea of celery is great. I like to add seasonings to it. Find one you like, chop the celery in bite size pieces and place in a baggie with seasonings and shake then up. 3 stalks of celery is aobut 30 calories. Drink lots of water and if you can find sugar free gum, that will help with the in-between-snacking/munching.

Get the kids on the "health" track with you.

You can put apple slices in water with a little lemon juice for a few minutes. (This prevents the apples from turning brown.) Then remove from water and pat dry with paper towels. Place apple slices in a baggie and add a little cinnamon in the baggies and shake it up. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Good stuff!

Wendy ~ Round ??

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PostSubject: Tuna   Tue Sep 07 2010, 17:05

When I travel; I buy the tuna in the pull-open cans for my protein. I also bring grapefruits and apples and cukes. I usually bring mustard along as a condiment; I really don't trust dining out when I'm on P2.

One option I've done in the past is to go to their salad bar and control what I purchase that way; I have used hard-boiled eggs as protein on P2 and didn't gain any weight.
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PostSubject: Re: Travel Terror   

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Travel Terror
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