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 OH so hungry during TOM.....help!!!

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Supreme Member

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PostSubject: OH so hungry during TOM.....help!!!   Sat Jun 05 2010, 23:13

Started TOM yesterday...I have continued the HCG drops based on what I have read. Advice anyone on what to do? Should I increase my drops? Stop the drops during TOM? Just not sure what to do since there seems to be so many questions regaurding this subject~

Thanks tons and tons!!!
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PostSubject: Re: OH so hungry during TOM.....help!!!   Sat Jun 05 2010, 23:19

Drinking water has always made me feel so full. Maybe you could guzzle a glass down? It could help. I can't help you much with the TOM question, since I have been finished with that for about 6 years now.
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OH so hungry during TOM.....help!!!
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