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PostSubject: Steviadent   Sun May 09 2010, 02:08

Anybody tried this? Sometimes when I feel hungry, I like to chew gum. Plus, in the mornings especially, I feel like the HCG has left an odd taste and it always makes me worry about my breath, especially since I work with the public up close. So a stevia gum sounds like a solution! :)
Just curious if anyone else has tried it. I ordered a couple of packs online today 'cause I couldn't find it in the store. It comes in mint or cinnamon. I'd love to hear feedback if you have tried it.
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PostSubject: Re: Steviadent   Wed May 26 2010, 16:22

I had a bad taste in my mouth the first two rounds too. It is the toxins coming out of you. I chew sugar free gum now, but I am very careful. Read the whole package - all gum has calories. Most of the time it is between 2-5 cal per piece. Remember to include that in your 500. Read the print you really can't see, it will tell you. If something has 0< next to cals, then it does have them, so be careful.


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