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PostSubject: ADDING FOODS TO THE LIST   Thu Apr 29 2010, 17:42

I'm new here and don't wanna step on any toes or upset anybody but....I'm really surprised at how many questions are on here about can I have this or that or is it ok to add this.
The answer is NO! We can ONLY have what is on the Protocol list...period.

Dr. Simeons spent years "perfecting" this diet. He chose the limited veggies for a reason. Mostly dealing with how they are metabolized in our body.

Also, i think we forget that this is not just about losing weight but also KEEEPING IT OFF!
This diet resets your hypothylamus. so , some of the foods not allowed have to deal with this.

You can add whatever foods you want and maybe still lose weight but will it affect resetting your hypothylamus and being able to keep it off???

Personally, with all the money, time, and effort I am putting into this I'm not going to chance it and try to think that I can change his original protocol in anyway. No matter what my dr. even says.

For instance, she said I can still stay on all my medications....but I'm only going to take the ones I absolutely have to take and go off the rest untill I'm done with the protocol. There are Dr's out there changing the protocol as well and I just don't think it's a good idea.

Just MY personal opinion but wanted to share with you :-)
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PostSubject: Re: ADDING FOODS TO THE LIST   Thu Apr 29 2010, 19:12

welcome group Well said!
Sharin' bear hug


I wish I could show you ~ when you are lonely or in darkness ~
the astonishing light of your own being
~ Hafiz
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PostSubject: Re: ADDING FOODS TO THE LIST   Thu Apr 29 2010, 19:44

Thank You Sharin howdy
I LOVE your quote!
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PostSubject: Re: ADDING FOODS TO THE LIST   Tue Oct 12 2010, 17:27

Im glad you said this. Ive been thinking the same thing! I saw a woman somewhere doing the HCG on a raw vegan diet! Also, if you feel that way about following strictly to protocol, then how do you feel about the homeopathic craze? I don't know which method you use but I always wanted to be sure and stick with the "real deal" injections.. I havent done much research on the other methods though. All I know is that, like you said, Dr. S spent a lot of time perfecting this.Though I do wish that someone would seriously continue the research given that our world is alot different now.. Either way, I say just stick to protocol.. You can do it other ways and still lose the weight, but will you be hungry? Will you compromise weight loss? And will you KEEP the weight off?
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