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forum newbie

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PostSubject: P2   Mon Apr 26 2010, 21:02

I am currently a newbie in P2. I am find it a huge challenge to not eat on weekends (when I am off). I actually feel hungry. I know I am more active with yard work and bike riding, swimming....
What is everyones thoughts on exercise. I think I read you should not start an exercise program, but I am not 100%.
Also I find the transition from P2 to P3 confusing. Am I on the right tract in thinking that P3 is Low-carb with no limits....

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PostSubject: Re: P2   Tue Apr 27 2010, 11:45

Hey you are ok. Take one phase at a time. I have weekend problems too. The only thing I can say is drink lots, and stay focused on something else. If you are past your first two weeks and still hungry, you need to adjust your dose. Hang in there. Get the guide below in my link, it has some great tips. I will update with info too as I find out new things.


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