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PostSubject: ACUPUNTURE   Wed Jan 20 2010, 16:49

I have arthritis and take pain meds and pain patches,which is something I'll have to watch. But I also use acupunture to help relieve my pain. Is there any oils or anything else that I should avoid during any of the phases?
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PostSubject: Re: ACUPUNTURE   Wed Jan 20 2010, 17:39

You are going to get varied answers to this question! lol!
In Dr. S's original protocol, you are to avoid topical oils/fats pretty much at all cost ~ and some still keep to this. . .

However, there are a lot of people on the protocol who have NOT changed what they are using as far as personal hygiene (soaps, lotions, oils, etc.) and have lost just fine!

You'll just have to "play it by ear", and see how you do ~
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