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 Hit Plateau for 8 days

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PostSubject: Hit Plateau for 8 days   Sat Jan 16 2010, 18:17

I was doing very well with my weight loss and I am meticulous in sticking to my food intake. I have lost 22 pounds in 25 days AND almost 22 inches total. I weigh myself every morning and tape every week. I have stalled at the same weight for 8 days now. I have changed NOTHING within this protocol.

I have inquired through many website and readings that I may have reached my set weight or I may have become immune to the HCG.

I am no where near my set weight as I still have about 30 pounds to go to get to 160 which is what I am normally for over 10 years.

I am starting to notice a craving for sugar. I don't like chocolate and I like black coffee but now....I seem to need the sugar. I have been on Colonix and Toxinout for the last 25 days, too.

In my readings I discovered that perhaps a gorge day could in fact shock my system and resume weight loss. This plateau is VERY discouraging as I have a few more weeks of Phase 2.

Does anyone have any guidance for me?
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PostSubject: Re: Hit Plateau for 8 days   Sat Jan 16 2010, 18:36

I'm gonna take a shot at this, although there are others on here who can answer it better.

1. Is your time of month (TOM) coming near?
2. Did you lose inches during this stall?

After you lose the content of some fat cells, those cells will fill with water. Be sure you are eating all your protein and drinking all your water. After a short time, those water-filled cells will be absorbed into the existing tissue, and the water will flush away. I know of people who have had stalls for around 14 days or more.

You might build tolerance to the HCG, but it's my understanding that won't happen until you are closer to the 6-week mark.

I don't know anything about Colonix or Toxinou; be sure you had read ingredients to be sure you aren't getting some form of sugar in them.

When you lose down to a weight you have stabilized at in the past, you will indeed hang there for awhile. Your body recognizes that weight as a set point of sorts, but you will eventually be able to push past that and continue to lose, if that's what you need to do.

You have had good losses so far; hang in there!

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Hit Plateau for 8 days
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