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 Potassium - It Does a Body Good!

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PostSubject: Potassium - It Does a Body Good!   Wed Dec 30 2009, 14:48

I went to Whole Foods and purchased Himalania Brand Himalayan Pink Salt. It was relatively inexpensive about $7.00; it came in a 7 ounce jar of salt rocks and a small cheese like grater. The salt comes out extremely fine particals. It is very time consuming to grate the salt on my food however, that just provides me more time to enjoy my food which I normally didn't do. I would taste my food while cooking it which is about one meal then sit down for what seemed like a second meal.

The salt tastes great and I am glad I integrated this into my diet.
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PostSubject: POTASSIUM   Tue Aug 30 2011, 11:55


Would you use this instead of seasoning with sea salt or do you use it in addition to? I use sea salt. If the potassium is good in salt form I will run out and get some instead of the pills.
Sounds like I can use this for seasoning instead of any other salt. I try to watch my salt intake even with sea salt.What do you think?

Thanks in advance

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Potassium - It Does a Body Good!
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