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 minimum days on HhCG

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PostSubject: minimum days on HhCG   Wed Dec 09 2009, 19:10


my wife is currently on her 2nd round (HhCG this time - injections last time) of the protocol.
we've since determined that this isn't the best time to be on this diet - with the holidays and all (her fam is BIG into holiday gatherings with food...) so she'd like to bounce out and pick back up in feburary....

i know that Dr Simeon recommends staying on the hcg for a minimum of 21 days, but we are having a hard time finding out exactly why. can anyone tell me why this is the case? what's the downside of only being on it a week, then stopping (48/hr run-out) and eating normal again?

thank you for any assistance/advice you can give!
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PostSubject: Re: minimum days on HhCG   Thu Dec 10 2009, 14:03

You have to be on it 21 days to have it be effective, but...if you're gonna start over anyway...then it doesn't really matter winking

Staying on the protocol during this time is very difficult so...if she needs to stop and re-start in February, then by all means...she should do it. NO need to try this thru the holidays if your head's not in it (which most of us take a break anyway)

Good luck! 2 thumbs up

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minimum days on HhCG
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