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 Break a Stall or Plateau, Part 2

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PostSubject: Break a Stall or Plateau, Part 2   Sat Nov 28 2009, 15:49

Recommended Strategies for Breaking a Stall for hcg users.
1. Increase your foods to 550-600 calories for one day. Don't cut your caloric intake to less than 500 calories per day. Increase the amount of protein in your meals. Eat small to moderate amounts of cheese or almonds for snacks. Use coconut, olive or for cooking and a little cream or eggs to make sauces for meat and vegetables. Keep your carb level down. Avoid most fruits and starchy vegetables.
2. Try to increase your activity level. Increase the duration or intensity of your exercise schedules. If you have been only walking or cycling, try doing some weight lifts and vice versa. If you are not yet exercising try to add some sort of activity to your regular schedule. At least 20 minutes a day is recommended for beginners.
4. Increase your water consumption to stimulate lipolysis and clean your system of excess ketones. Try adding 1 quart or more.
5. Avoid eating within 3 hours of bedtime. Especially avoid any foods that are higher in carbs as this can trigger insulin production which in turn will inhibit fat-burning while you are asleep.
6. Start a food diary and record what you are eating and when you are eating. Purchase a good carb and food counts book to help you with your calculations.
7. Consider some of the more successful dietary supplements known to enhance fat burning such as 5-HTP, Green Tea or Oolong Tea. Watch your weight daily. NOTE: 5-HTP may cause your weight to stall.
8. Eat an extra portion of protein or add 1/2-1 oz protein to a meal.
9. If you are eating fruits and melba, replace them with more veggies and/or protein.
10. Add 1T full fat dressing on your salad.

11. Don't eat beef
12. Stop hcg for one day
13. Adjust your hcg dosage. The adjustment should be over three day period, as this gives your body time to adjust to the new dosage.
14. Watch your sodium intake. Do you salt your foods? Do you eat canned foods? Try to avoid these. Salt retains water. Eat fresh fruit and veggies whenever possible.
15. Apple day as a last resort
16. Decrease your water intake. Maybe you are drinking too much water. That can cause you to stall.

I recommend not doing an apple day. They will give you a great loss one day (a type of water weight), but gain the day(s) after that. This may also bring your body out of Ketosis (fat burning mode).

Remember, apples have a diuretic effect!

Do only one of the suggested stall busters for one day. Keep in mind that any change you do should be done gradually, one day at a time. Too many changes in one day can cause a stall or even a gain in weight.

Our hypothalamus gland "remembers" different weight points in our life. When we loose weight to one of these "set points" we stall. This is normal. That is why a little "shake-up" is necessary.

Please do not do all of this in one day! Try one a day and see if this helps.
If others have ideas, please add to my list!

If all else fails, take a 6 week break or longer.
Do some detoxing/cleanses and then resume hcg.

There is no "one size fits all" solution for why our bodies do what they do. Everyone is different and we all loose differently.

Wendy ~ Round ??

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Break a Stall or Plateau, Part 2
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