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 Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)

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PostSubject: Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)   Fri Nov 13 2009, 17:20

Okay, so I'm on my 5th (or 6th?? who knows) round and I've been following the protocol right along since 11/1/09. No cheats. Doing everything right (I think...) But today out of nowhere I'm up 1.5. I'm certain that its just water retention because I'm reading very high in ketosis....I just don't know exactly what I did. Lots of salt-yes, not much protein-yes. Working out quite a bit. My period is way off in the distance. Cut back on caffeine too which I know is a diuretic. I have plenty of reasons to be bloated I guess.....Also tested the hcg and it seems to be fine. I feel like I'm guzzling water all day and peeing out nothing!

SO, I decided to try out an apple day just to rid myself of the excess fluid without messing up my system with a water pill.

BUT I've already drank a liter and a half of water today (at about 4pm) and I'm on a medication that makes me extremely thristy all the time, so I'm drinking tons of water. Just want to know if anyone else mixes apple days with their regular water intake. I think I've tried both ways in the past, but I really need the water right now, so I have to keep it. I've already had one apple so there is no going back..... ! thoughts? apple
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PostSubject: Apple Day   Sat Nov 14 2009, 01:38

Hi, In my book it talks about an apple day beginning at noon and you eat 6 apples throughout the day and drink water only when you feel really thirsty. So according to my info....only a small amount of water should be taken.
Good luck,
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PostSubject: Re: Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)   Sat Nov 14 2009, 11:16

If you are reading hi ketosis, that usually means you are dehydrated. I could be wrong. If you are following the protocol and not cheating, then where is the sodium coming from? Are you salting your foods? If so, stop. Salt retains water.

I don't promote apple days, altho, in your case, with hi-ketosis, it may help. From my experience as with others, apple days are good for one day only and usually the weight is back up the day after the apple day.

Not sure of the foods you are eating, maybe increase your protein intake by 1/2-1 oz at a meal. Eat only one fruit. Replace it with a protein shake (EAS or Jay Robb).

If you are using table salt (the cheap stuff at the stores with iodine in it), I would stop using it. That is not true (or real) salt and can be harmful. GS had mentioned it in one of the journals about how bad the stuff is. If you MUST salt, use celtic or hymilayian salt. These will contain natural minerals that are good for you. But, use it sparingly. On the hcg diet, salt can be your enemy. Trade off with seasoning and spices. Watch out for "blends", many contain salt.

If your are working out, you body may be retaining water to repair muscles. This is normal. If your weight goes up every so often, I wouldn't get too worried over it. As long as the weight loss in generally going DOWN. If your weight stalls out for over 6 days, then something needs to be changed.

Apple days are only if your weight has stalled for 5 days or longer.

I hope this helps.

Wendy ~ Round ??

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PostSubject: Testing HCG   Fri Jan 15 2010, 21:30

How do you test HCG? Dollie
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PostSubject: Re: Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)   Fri Jan 15 2010, 22:20

With a pregnancy test winking
Depending on what kind of test you get, you may not even need to use a whole dose ~
If you are using homeopathic drops this does not work ~
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PostSubject: Re: Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)   

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Apple days and water (what do YOU do?)
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