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 im going to have to stop

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im going to have to stop Empty
PostSubject: im going to have to stop   im going to have to stop Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05 2009, 11:05

Despite all the wonderful advice given to me i think i am going to have to stop phase 2. I have been at the same weight for a week and even with tom and all i think i have hit the end. I have upped the protein and done some other things that have been suggested and thank you to everyone here but its just not working. I have six more pounds and i just did not want to have to do another round but i might have to. So thanks to everyone that helped me but i guess my body is tired. thanks again vickie
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im going to have to stop Empty
PostSubject: Re: im going to have to stop   im going to have to stop Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24 2009, 13:11

sunshine Hello Vickie,
Just popped in to say that although I don't know your path, where you started or where you got to, that I can assure you the hCG has done your body good. clapping And your body will continue to change, improve, resculpt, and benefit. yahoo Perhaps the number you chose was simply not your body's best number! It's never a sure thing what our best weight is because the body has a wisdom of its own. hearts You're making an informed, experientially wise choice. I hope you'll find a way to rejoice in the improvements you've accomplished, woo hoo give yourself credit for doing your body a loving favor by removing unnecessary fat, and find peace in your decision. Wellbeing abounds. pray 3 All is well. Really!
Blessings on your path,
Sharin' kitty

im going to have to stop Weight
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im going to have to stop
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