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PostSubject: HELP   Thu Oct 01 2009, 23:13

We're going on a sort of vacation. We will be visiting my husband's family who will prepare tons of good southern cooking and will not understand why I'm preparing my own food. I'll be at the end of phase 2. Plus we're spending two nights at a casino and I can already picture the buffet. I really need advice to get through this week. I'm doing so well I don't want to sabotage it now!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: HELP   Fri Oct 02 2009, 00:04

Perhaps you should move into a mini-phase 3 for your trip? That may make it easier on you food-wise, and then you can jump back into phase 2 when you get back! way to go

Or... you could explain why you're preparing your own food and the protocol to them ~ if they understand, GREAT!!! And if not, it's their loss, and you just stick to phase 2 ~

If you can do the second option, you're good to go ~ if you're not comfortable with that then move into phase 3 ~ it'll be easier on you! :o)
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