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 very curious about immunity

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PostSubject: very curious about immunity   Wed Sep 02 2009, 21:23

I have read a little on this site that a person may not become immune to the hcg... is this true? If it is, how is the dose adjusted when you are done with the first vial of hcg?

I would love to just continue until I am down to my target weight. Can anyone shed some light on this? Dr. Simeons recommends taking six weeks off... why do you suppose if there is no immunity? I am taking injections in my stomach. I am on day 12. Anybody have an answer? Thank you... Jen hearts
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PostSubject: Re: very curious about immunity   Thu Sep 03 2009, 00:08

Jen, I think the immunity/intolerance is up to the individual.

Grammasmitty had some good insights to this. See her journal around pg 12. http://www.hcgsupportgroup.com/journals-rounds-9-20-f14/grammasmitty-round-11-t4091-165.htm

Some of us are just going to keep going.

I plan to forge thru the Holidays on hcg as well as some others.

Wendy ~ Round ??

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PostSubject: Re: very curious about immunity   Tue Sep 08 2009, 20:11

I know there are a LOT of people who just continue straight through with no breaks until they reach goal. I am convinced that the immunity issue that Dr. S was concerned about was just the need to tweak dosage. His patients would get hungry and not lose well, which is the same thing we deal with. But tweaking dosage takes care of that. The other problem seems to be intolerance, but that has been reported in people who do MANY rounds with short breaks between (like my 3 weeks of p2 then 3 weeks of p3 over and over and over). But once you find your best dosage there shouldn't be any problem if you just continue on and on with no breaks (except for maybe a planned "cheat" meal or something like that).
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PostSubject: HELP!! IMMUNITY?? How long do I wait?   Mon Sep 13 2010, 13:13

In 2010 I have been on 21 day hcg injections for 4 rounds already. My fourth time on it was totally unsuccessful because I was so hungry... consequently I cheated quite a bit and lost only a few pounds. Since stopping the injections 1 month ago, I still have constant hunger!!! Any suggestions on how long I have to wait before starting injections again? I have 25 pounds to lose now....that number is quickly increasing because I am so hungry!

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PostSubject: Re: very curious about immunity   

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very curious about immunity
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