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 Question for a friend...

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PostSubject: Question for a friend...   Wed Jul 15 2009, 17:04

My friend started R4P2 on Wednesday, July 8. She had delayed the start of the round waiting for her TOM to start (which was 2 weeks late for her) and finish before her 1st injection. So, she started the injections on that Wednesday and on Sunday she started bleeding again pretty heavily, then stopped on Monday and Tuesday...the started bleeding again today. She is turning 50 this year and does think that she has some hormonal issues starting anyway but as someone who has had a hysterectomy I don't really know how to advise her. I think she should just forge through with the round as is but she is wondering if she should stop the round until she semi-regulates this TOM thing and then resume...
Any advice would be appreciated!
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PostSubject: Re: Question for a friend...   Wed Jul 15 2009, 19:08

greet 3
It sounds like she could be going thru menopause. However, the on and off again bleeding could be another underlying issue. That would send me into the Dr's office!

But, to start hcg while one is still having TOM, she should start injections 10 days before the first day of the menstral cycle. Then, while bleeding bright red, stop the injections (usually about 2-3 days) then resume injections.

Remember, hcg is a female hormone!

Wendy ~ Round ??

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Question for a friend...
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