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 Confused..Advice please

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PostSubject: Confused..Advice please   Wed Jul 08 2009, 10:41

I have a question. I had my TOM this last week and I only lost 2 lbs the whole entire week :( I take the sublingual drops and was told that I could stay on them during TOM. My question is due to the stalling and the no losses or slow losses would it be better to go off HCG for my heaviest days?? I will say that while on the HCG it was not near as bad as it usually is. I just kinda feel like I wasted 1 week and the strangest thing is yesterday (tom over) I stepped on scales for my morning weigh in and I had lost 2.6 lbs but then this morning I had gained 2 lbs...Kinda frustrating.... arghhh

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PostSubject: Re: Confused..Advice please   Thu Jul 09 2009, 13:43

I don't think I EVER lost an ounce while I was on that special TOM....I tried it both ways (with shots and without)....didn't matter...NO LOSS!! Sorry....

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Confused..Advice please
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