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 Terepharmacy Scam

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Dragon In RI
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PostSubject: Terepharmacy Scam   Mon Oct 13 2008, 14:05

A year ago I sent www.terepharmacy.com a W.U. payment of 371.00 for goods and express shipment of my order.

Person/agent of terepharmacy had me send monies to Herzegovenia in Bosnia.

A few days later, while reading blogs in a muscle forum, I read about 14 posts from various people stating they got ripped off by terepharmacy. So I googled "terepharmacy scam" and I came up with hundreds of posts about terepharmacy. Alot of the posts seemed to be written by same person using different names.

I emailed terepharmacy w/inquiries about the posts I read and the reply that I got was that " the competition is lying to steal business from us."

At the same day that I sent monies to bosnia, I also asked a friend in Brazil to send me a pkg containing chocolates. This was my own way of seeing how long a package from overseas will take to arrive. I got the pkg from Brazil in 9 days.

After a month and no pkg from terepharmacy, I began emailing them on a daily basis. When I finally got reply from terepharmacy, they more or less stated that I had to wait for either the package or a seizure letter from customs.

3 months later and still no siezure letter or pkg from terepharmacy, I emailed terepharmacy and told them I encountered 14 men that claim they were ripped off by them. And since I have no goods or letter from customs, I wanted my monies back. The reply that I got from terepharmacy was that I better give up the names of the 14 men or else i can expect 1 or any and all of the following:
"we will have someone to your home in RI"
"we will send u a lg pkg w/5000 dianabols inside and marked all over the outside of pkg 'steroids enclosed' "
"we will forward your name and IP address to all online pharmacies and blacklist you as a return scammer"
"we have customers in police and military and we will give them your name and address and have you sought for steroid trafficking."

9 mos. later, I got the nerve to call customs and ask if any pkg w/my name was seized and I was informed no. I then went to the us customs site and downloaded a copy of a seizure letter. I printed it out and then changed the dates on it and then contacted terepharmacy and informed them I have at last gotten a seizure letter. tere told me to email a copy of the letter. I did, and I re- did it 4 times in the course of a month.

Finally terepharmacy sent me an email and stated," Nice try asshole, but we know your letter is fake. How can you get a letter from customs when we never sent you anything?"

At that point, I got in touch with my local FBI office whom it turned out was very very interested in what I had to say in light of the "Operation Raw Deal" investigation which so happened to focus on my geographic area. I was assured that it may take a lil time, but they will get terepharmacy for their scamming .
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PostSubject: Re: Terepharmacy Scam   Mon Oct 13 2008, 22:21

cheering Yay! Good for you. I hope they get them and close them down for good so they can't scam anyone else!
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PostSubject: Re: Terepharmacy Scam   Wed Oct 15 2008, 12:37

That is FANTASTIC!!!! I was scammed by them early in the year, too, for about $230. I got the same responses from them with the threats, etc. I had tried asking them for THEIR references, since theykept telling me that they had huge companies as customers. All they would do is forcibly request the names of those who were telling me that they had been scammed, and then threaten me with the same as you got.

The problem with Terepharmacy is that they continue to put up websites under different names and run the same scam. I hope the FBI is able to track down those who are doing it and get rid of THEM!

WTG!!!!!! cheering cheering cheering
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PostSubject: Terepharmacy Scam   Tue Nov 11 2008, 12:57





100% FRAUD
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PostSubject: Re: Terepharmacy Scam   

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Terepharmacy Scam
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