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 Xylitol - sugar substitute

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PostSubject: Xylitol - sugar substitute   Sun Jun 22 2008, 14:01

Does anyone have experience with xylitol. It's supposed to be really healthy for you. It tastes just like sugar without even a hint of an aftertaste. It is 10 calories per 4 grams or about a tsp. 4 grams carb. It is 40% fewer calories than sugar and 75% less carb intake. It does not use insulin for processing and reportedly even helps hormone balancing....

I know, I know.... don't even think about substitutes for anything on P2, but what do you think?

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PostSubject: Re: Xylitol - sugar substitute   Tue Jun 24 2008, 16:35

I have used xylitol and I have found it to be quite a nice tasting sugar substitute but don't use too much of it because it can definitely give you gas and bloating...
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Xylitol - sugar substitute
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