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PostSubject: scammed!   Tue May 06 2008, 10:23

Unfortunately, I ordered from hcgkits.com before I found this website. I ordered 4/3/08, he processed my $200 payment on 4/7/08, and he stopped answering my emails about it on 4/10. Any suggestions on how I can get my money back from this guy "Mike Holms"? I ordered by bank card through PayPal on his website.

How disappointing, after researching and waiting one year to do this, and trying to find an affordable and reliable source for hcg, and not knowing where to turn! Ugh!
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PostSubject: Re: scammed!   Tue May 06 2008, 10:28

I would start by going to PayPal's website and letting them know about the transaction. You may have recourse through them??


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PostSubject: Re: scammed!   Tue May 06 2008, 11:05

PayPal is known for making good on frauds and scams.

You can get your supplies for a lot less money if you order them ala carte. Just about any of us can give you the details for what to order. Here is my list:

1 round 1 person

I get the 5000s and use 200 IUs a day, so I get 25 doses from one ampoule. It comes in a glass ampoule in powder form and needs to be mixed with bacteriostatic water (the little bit of liquid that comes with it needs to be tossed out). I mix for 200 IUs and 0.2cc injections using little insulin syringes. Mixing for 200 IUs with 0.2 injections, it is easy to adjust daily dosage to whatever you want.

List for 1 - 40 day round for 1 person:

2 - 5000 IU ampoules hcg

2 - 5 or 10cc syringes

2 - 1.5" 18-21 gauge needles

2 - 5 or 10cc sterile sealed glass vials

1 - 30cc vial bacteriostatic water (will last for 6 mixings)

50 insulin syringes 0.3cc OR 0.5cc 29-31 gauge

box alcohol wipes

Mix each 5000 ampoule with 5cc bac water. You will need to mix twice during a long round.

adjusting dosage (using above mixing):

250 IU = 25 units (on insulin syringe) = 0.25cc

225 IU = 22.5 units = 0.225 cc

200 IU = 20 units = 0.2cc

175 IU = 17.5 units = 0.175 cc

150 IU = 15 units = 0.15 cc

125 IU = 12.5 units = 0.125 cc

These increments are easy to draw using the little insulin syringes. In most states you can buy them in boxes of 100 from the pharmacy with no prescription. I get them at Walmart or Sam's or Costco.

To mix, you must keep everything sterile. Use alcohol wipes on everything. Open the hcg ampoule, With the large syringe and needle (fastened TIGHTLY to syringe), draw 5cc bac water, use a little to dilute the hcg powder and all the liquid ends up in the sterile sealed glass vial.
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PostSubject: Re: scammed!   Wed May 28 2008, 08:47

Your bank will give you oyur money back . call them
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PostSubject: when health matters???   Tue Sep 02 2008, 09:29

Hi all new here trying to find my way through all this excellent info. Could someone tell me if they have ever used the When Health Matters website? it looks legit? looking for HCG (NOW) don't want to wait, but want to make sure it is Pharmaceutical grade not some kangaroo piss> aids ridden from Africa??
please help.
Also, the blood work everyone talks about, what are the tests looking for??
thanks looking forward to this journey!!
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PostSubject: Re: scammed!   

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